Find out more about the eco charger for your bike from Nokia

Find out more about the eco charger for your bike from Nokia

An amazing eco concept

UV Monkey Review Now on EFT

Eco Friendly UV MonkeyHelps to prevent you burning in the hot sun,and just as importantly it can tell you when the UV levels are at there highest so you can charge you solar products quicker

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The Suck Uk Solar Clock Review on EFT

Eco Powered ClockThis nicely designed clock from the creatives at Suck UK is a lovely designed product which never runs out of battery.

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A Fantastic Recycling Idea

Recycle This

Never be stuck how to recycle an item again with this service called . They will demonstrate or show you, upon your request, how to recycle almost anything. As there categories above show.

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Article on Harnessing Energy From Daily Activities

Harnessing Energy From Day to Day Activities

Having recently read 2 articles on harnessing energy from normal activities got us thinking:

1. How sharpening a pencil in a machine with a handle that once you have a nice pointy pencil you also have a pencil sharpener which is charged with enough energy to produce light.

2. A turnstile which generates energy every time somebody walks through it.

This process really got us at Eco Friendly Technology thinking about why this is not used in many other ways.

So we came up with our own suggestions and would love to hear some or yours.

Eco Paper Pot Maker Review Added to EFT

Eco Paper PotThis innovative eco gadget allow the owner to make as many plant pots as they wish from old, unwanted newspapers.

It’s a great way to help the environment.

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The Eco Pencil Gadget

Never Ending Pencil

A fantastic idea which enables to you continually use a pencil by linking an old, slightly stubby pencil with another old, slightly stubby pencil, thus having a pencil which is big enough to hold and function as it should.

Of course the main bonus here is that it helps save the planets resources in the process.

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The Future of The Wind Turbine?

Eco Wind Turbine

The M.A.R.S uses high altitude winds to generate power. A power which a professor has stated harnesses enough energy to power everyone 100 times.

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